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Optical Character Recognition Launched for the Sindhi Language

Faryal Nadeem Feb 23, 2017
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Great news for the Sindhi lovers. Software has been developed which helps to convert the handwritten, printed and the typed characters in the Sindhi language via machine-encoded text. Dubbed Sindhi OCR was launched after the two-day conference, which was organized by the Sindhi Language Authority on Wednesday.

The software engineer and the employee of SA said that it proves to be a great milestone in the computing after a period of 30 years. Three decades before Abdul Majid Bhurgari pioneered Sindhi typing on various computers. He contributed his services to the advancement of language on computers and the internet.

How does it work?

The Sindhi software is uploaded on the website www.sindhiocr.com. The software is available on the internet for free. The literary people, academia, and foreigners will get unlimited benefit from the software told by Buriro. If you feel difficulty in reading the signboard written in Sindhi language, just take a photograph on your mobile phone and the image will be converted into the desired language through the Google Language and translation via encoding text.

The software is very helpful in converting the images from three Sindhi fonts, which include Adabi Awami, And MP Latifi. It is because 90% of Sindhi is written in these three fonts in newspapers, magazines, and books. It is because people wants to convert the images into editable text and will not face a problem.

Buriro said that OCR mobile application proves to be very helpful and in future, many other Sindhi fonts will be incorporated into the software. He added that the software is created with a small budget and it is a work of the dedicated team of language engineers.

The Culture Minister Syed Sardar Shah, the development of the OCR system is a rebirth of Sindhi language. The survival of the Sindhi language will be for long span because now it is in the hands of experts and integrated with computing. Buriro has been praised for this effort, and the upcoming generation will surely honor him and remember him.

However, the CPEC project will inevitably increase the trend of Chinese. The minister said that department would also launch the courses of Chinese learning in Hyderabad and Karachi as well.

Laws has been passed on the Sindhi language, but the implementation is not made. It is best to acknowledge the Sindhi language in schools of Sindh. Shah has expressed the desire to preserve the historic forts in Sindh especially the famous Qila in Hyderabad Pucca from 18th Century. The preservation of the Qila is stymied by the political obstacle of at least 1 lakh people who live in Fort. Writer Dr. Suleiman Shaikh states that Sindhi OCR software provides a defining moment. It has actually encouraged people to communicate in an optimal way through the Sindhi language by using computers and mobile phones.

However, Government has failed to teach the Sindhi language in the private schools. Niaz Panhwar who is the news editor of Daily Kawish suggests that Buriro name must be recommended for the award because of his contribution to this idea. SLA chairperson, MPA Fakirdad Khoso, and many others attended the event.


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