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Microsoft and Google have joined hands to stop Illegal downloads

Faryal Nadeem Feb 23, 2017
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Microsoft and Google have joined hands to stop the illegal downloads. The main process purpose is to crack down all the illegal downloads happening through torrent websites. This will ensure that the users online will not access the pirated websites. The entertainment industry will surely be thanking Google and Microsoft because of removing links to the pirated music online and pirated films. The anti-piracy act will soon get started. The coding process will start its operation by the middle of 2017.

The websites, which host streaming of the pirated content or own any related content will not be able to run themselves in the first or top searches of Google or other various search engines. Even Bing search engine have also agreed to the new code of conduct. All of the illegal websites will surely bring down in Britain and are not featured in search engines.

The minister of science, innovation, research and universities, Jo Johnson, have said in UK that

“The relationships of the search engines needs to be collaborative with the industries. The consumers, which are linked with the legitimate websites and other services, must not provide links to other pirate sites. ”

The code will be financed by the Intellectual Property Office, which also aims to stop the search engines from driving traffic towards illegal websites. The code is voluntary, and the copyright will be monitored on how Google and Bing will respond in the next few months for such requests. Proper and tight measures might be taken in future. This initiative will help the film, music industries, and television. Google have cleared that the search engines are not a playing a major role to the piracy websites. Google indicates that the effort is effective for the existing websites and Google is committed to add new measures.

Google is an active partner, which will help to fight against piracy issues online. The team remains committed and will tackle the issue. It will look forward to the future partnership with right holders.

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