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Apple Campus of $5 billion will open in April

Faryal Nadeem Feb 23, 2017
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April has recently announced its new $5 billion campus, which will be open to employees in April. The Silicon Valley is one of the technology giant platforms. It will take at least six months to transfer the workers 12000. The new Apple Campus is set in the 175-acre area and is ring-shaped. Apple is now calling it as an Apple Park. However, Construction of the main building and the parkland is still in progress and will continue for entire summer.

Apple told that Apple Park features

  • A visitor center accompanied with an Apple store and café, which will be open for public.
  • A fitness center on 100,000 square foot.
  • 2 miles of running and walking tracks
  • A meadow, pond and an orchard
  • Development facilities and search research center

This Apple Park started in 2013. The CEO of Apple told its employees that Apple is planning to move its groups into the Spaceship shaped campus by January 2017, but the program has been delayed. Apple revealed on Wednesday that the theater of Steve Jobs contains 1000 seating and is named after the co-founder of Apple Company called as Steve Jobs Theater. He will turn 62 this year. The auditorium will be opened this year. The campus contains metallic carbon fiber roof. Steve’s vision for the Apple is beyond his time. Apple Park intends to be the home of innovation for the upcoming generations. The parklands and workspace have inspired the team. It will surely benefit the environment. One of the energy efficient building in the world will run on renewable energy.

The chief design officer told that Steve invested a lot in this project. He wanted to create the creative and vital environment. The engineering, design of the new campus will help to develop the principles with the same enthusiasm. This will contribute to characterize Apple products.

Creating and providing people, extraordinarily advanced building along with rolling parkland will surely collaborate and allows the employees to work together. The company is fortunate to work in close collaboration with remarkable architectural practice.