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Pakistan among top 10 must visit Countries

Amna Ansar Feb 22, 2017
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According to Cassie De Pecol, Pakistan is among top ten countries of the world to visit for. Cassie De Pecol is the first woman in the world who has traveled 196 countries. She has visited these countries in 18 Months and 26 Days.

The woman is of 27 years age, is the resident of Connecticut in the US; she is the Guinness World Record Holder.

After visiting different countries, she put in the list with Telegraph of 10 places everyone must visit in their life. In this list she placed Pakistan at number 5.

On a question “why people should visit Pakistan?” Pecol wrote “to see the true sense of Asian culture and for the tasty food.”

Earlier in her post on Instagram, she showed her feelings for Pakistan. She said that living at Pakistan was one of the best experiences of her life and it was wonderfully educational and culturally enriching experience.

She further suggested to not to believe on Media that how it depicts Pakistan.

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