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China will Establish Larger Telecom Network in Pakistan

Faryal Nadeem Feb 22, 2017
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China Academy of the Space Technology has provided communication satellite to Pakistan under bilateral exchange contract. China will help Pakistan to develop a huge capacity for telecom network. China will Help Pakistan to Establish a larger Capacity Telecom Network. The sources of Academy will reveal the seven communications satellite for foreign users including Pakistan.

They are executing export contracts for 10 satellites told by Zhou Zhicheng who is the head of the Institute of Telecommunication Satellite. The country needs to close the best developers of communications satellites in Europe and US like Thales Alenia Space and Boeing.

China will introduce advanced communications satellite in April. This will allow the passengers on jetliners and the high-speed trains to use the internet without any interruption. The China Academy of Space Technology makes Shijian 13. It will be hoisted on Long March 3B carrier rocket from Xichang Satellite Launch Center in the province Sichuan.

The satellite weighs 4.6 metric tons with 15 years in geostationary orbit for 36000 kilometers. The satellite offers Ka-Band broadband communication system capable of transferring 20 gigabytes of data per second. It will make one of the great communication satellite in the nation. Shijia 13 uses electric propulsion when it enters orbit. It will extensively reduce chemical fuel and carry out space to ground laser communication experiments. Deputy head of Academy said that China would establish advanced satellites by 2025 and the main objective is to offer high-quality Wifi service.


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