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Aren’t you excited about the iPhone 8 specification?

Faryal Nadeem Feb 22, 2017
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Fans of iPhone are always excited about the new release and launch of the iPhone 8. Apple next iPhone will have a great front facing camera that will enable applications that run from facial recognition, security apps and can sense 3D space.

3D front camera will be able to run the games while putting the player into character. However, other features include improved selfies, facial recognition, and iris recognition. Kuo wrote that the advanced 3Dcamera would be the new iPhone, which performs modeling and 3D sensing. A sensor camera determines that how far objects will enable applications in augmented reality. The fans will surely love the emerging technology.

Face Shift is the company bought by Apple, which works on the AR facial transformation technology. The sensor includes technology bought from PrimeSense.

The front sensor uses an infrared receiver and transmitter and the laser technology from Lumentum. However, Sony produces the camera module.

Following are the rumors you will expect or hear about iPhone 8

  • The new iPhone 8 will be 5.8 inches wrapped around the screen with no bezels and OLED display technology will enable darker blacks and provides better power consumption.
  • The iPhone 8 would be of stainless steel and glass.
  • Home button will be integrated with the screen.
  • Wireless charging is possible which will be powered up while plugging in a cable.
  • It cost at least $1000
  • It does not have a headphone

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