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Terror keeps the buyers away from markets 

Faryal Nadeem Feb 21, 2017
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The buyers prefer to stay away from markets and shopping malls. It is due to the back-to-back suicide bombing attempts that has led a pall of gloom in the markets all over Pakistan. The major cities Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore and Quetta were giving a deserted look. However unknown WhatsApp alerts and SMS messages have warned the citizens to stay away from crowded areas, which mainly points to markets and shopping malls.

Most of the traders in the markets of Karachi have complained that the situations led to the depressed sales from last week. Traders in the market of Karachi have complained about the cracker blasts, firing, and the suicide attacks. The viral warning messages are affecting sales and scaring people. Mr. Atiq Mir stated that the activity in the markets is around 20-30 percent. However, due to which leading stores and garments brands have offered 60 percent discounts and sale on winter items. Even though people are not taking interest in these sales. It is a time when online sales will surely come handy, and people are availing the best services online.

People who desperately want the essential items for the occasions like wedding are seen in the market. The same situation is in Lahore markets after the suicide attack happened at Mall road. The boutique owners conclude that the sales have been dropped 50% after the incident of Sehwan Shareef.

However, the sales will get back to normal after some time. The President of the bazaar said that sales would get in full swing within a month.

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