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PIMS will provide free of cost medicines to Patients

Amna Ansar Feb 21, 2017
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Federal Ombudsman, M. Salman Faruqi has ordered the administration of largest hospital of country, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) to ensure the provision of free of cost medicine to the patients.

Hence on following the direction of Faruqi, administration of PIMS assured to provide free of cost medicines to patients. The medicine will be provided free of cost at PIMS wregardless of ethnicity, race and religion.

The attempt is made to be a model for other health institutions so that they can do same. This will greatly help the people from low cast and will greatly enhance the standard of living.

There were fifty more other suggestions given by the committee and if institute will implement these recommendations, it will help in enhancing the functioning of hospital and in this way hospital will become the role model for other healthcare institutions.

Wafaqi Mohtasib Salman Faruqi directed the administration of hospital to resolve the issue of provision of free of cost medicine and deadline of March 24 has been given.

Further Senior Advisor of Wafaqi Mohtasib, Hafiz Ahsaan Ahmad Khokar told that right now there are 901 posts in the hospital which are vacant and if these will be filled, this would help in betterment of hospital. Due to this suggestion Federal Ombudsman has directed the administration to fill these posts as early as possible.

Further it was suggested in the meeting that in hospital there are 19 issues which can be solved without spending any money such as security arrangements, Biometric system, cleanliness problems etc.

After implementing these suggestions, people’s trust can be built on the hospital and hence on the services provided by the hospital. Hence it will lead to the better reputation of the hospital.

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