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Enjoy café with board game lounge in Karachi

Faryal Nadeem Feb 21, 2017
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Have you ever heard of the board game lounge? Then you will surely love the concept and would run to the excited lounge in Karachi known as Pi Social café. The café was launched on Sunday and is one of the exceptional café with excellent services. The board game enthusiasts proposed the idea who wanted to add some fun and make café an exciting place. The lounge offers more than 100 international board games and offers extensive range and variety to public.

The news of the board game lounge is viral on the internet, and everyone wants to try out this amazing café. It will surely be a successful and good café in the end.

The Pi Social means the Pakistan’s first social based café that is located in Clifton near SZABIST. The great and major attraction it offers is the board games, which are more than 100 including UK and US board games.

Shaan Naqvi is the owner of Pi Social, which is a board game enthusiast himself who told that all games technically belong to him and he is well aware of playing them. However, initially, he and his partner have thought that this concept is little premature for this concept. A similar concept has been launched in Mumbai India. This proves to be a business risk will surely gain popularity. It might be possible that the business does not run well financially. There are three spaces in Pi Social including Veranda, The Board Game and Pi and Co explained by Fahd Nassr.

Get to know about the amazing board lounge

When entering the lounge you have to pass by the small garden. The café is enclosed with a bar on one end. 5 to 6 tables for four with a long bench in the center. The shelf is full of the board games.

Each pass is Rs 329 for every player and can play as many games as you want. If you love to play a board game, then you will be charged on hourly basis. Pass allow you to avail non special drinks like water and soda.

Timings of the lounge are great especially on weekends the closing time is 2 am.

Customers can enjoy the free drink by wining the game of Connect 4 with the bartender. The café provides a great way to play and meet new people. While taking the new table, you have an option to keep it closed and open. Café also offers solo games. The cafe also serves dinner and lunch except for days when Veranda is booked for a Neighborhood market.

Lounge Timings

Monday to Thursday timings are 12:00 PM -11:30 PM

Friday to Saturday, Timings are 11:00 PM- 2:00 AM

Sunday timings are 11:00 PM -11:30 PM

The veranda is a small garden which offers space for Neighbourhood Market.it offers space to the local crafters in collaboration with the Sheops and the Crafters Guild. The market is home based for eateries and crafters. They are doing an exceptional business with marketing platform.

The veranda is a small space which accommodates at least 11 stalls in front and 2-3 stalls in the backyard. The yard goes unnoticed. It is a small space where there is no space to sit because you will have to find a place in café to relax. It may host comedy nights.

The third Pi Social offers is the Pi and Co which is a working space for the technology people. However, the area has not launched yet.

So it is the right time to hang out with friends at Pi Social.

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