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Eco-friendly Energy System in Pakistan

Faryal Nadeem Feb 21, 2017
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SkyElectric Company is planning to launch its smart energy system in Pakistan. It will help to resolve all the energy challenges in businesses and homes. It is a great project for the underdeveloped countries especially Pakistan which is facing acute and chronic power shortages. The system will be introduced in March 2017.

The developer of the SkyElectric is brilliant who proposed solar energy based plan. The talented member is based in Florida USA but has performed many operations in Pakistan. The smart energy system will combine with grid, solar and battery and will provide cleanest sources of energy at low cost.

The primary target is to fulfill the electrical needs of businesses, industries, and homes. Great power and different energy capacities will be offered by this system. It proves to be an intelligent package of solar energy which will solve many aspects of global energy.

The CEO and the Chairman of SkyElectric Ashar Aziz said that the mission of SkyElectric is to provide an intelligent and distributed solar energy solution which can easily be managed through the Internet in the developing countries.

The product launch will be in Islamabad Marriott Hotel on February 27. The Wes Malik will host it. The CEO and Chairman of SkyElectric will give an overview of the company and introduce Smart energy system with the product line in front of the notable guests which includes people in business, politicians, socialites, celebrities, architects and media persons. Key Productions will handle the event and PR.