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Nike supporting Muslim sportswomen

Faryal Nadeem Feb 20, 2017
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The recent advertisement of Nike brands is featuring the women from Middle Eastern. The advertisement has gone viral on the social platforms because it depicts the Muslim women and breaking stereotypes. It clearly shows that there are no restrictions and excuses when someone wants to achieve their dream goal especially the things you love.

The Nike campaign helps to encourage women and breaks the boundaries of tradition and culture.

Watch the video yourself.

The women in the Middle Eastern are rarely seen speaking in the advertisement because the thoughts are given a great voice via facial expressions and act presented in the advertisement. It features the five talented sportswomen, who play the role of vibrant setting by creating a fantastic atmosphere. The ad calls for a change.

The main aim of the campaign is to let go of the fear, which is stopping women from achieving their goals. Catchy heading goes like this “what will they say about you? ” The viral commercial apparently forces the women to live their lives. The statement of the brand is very clear. It is empowering women and will surely hit the record. The campaign has been criticized by many, and some stated it bold, but it has hit the headlines.

It features the aspiring sportswomen in the Muslim world. The brave women will be able to fight for the right to accomplish their dreams.

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