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Did bomber pass the security check How?

Faryal Nadeem Feb 20, 2017
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According to the police, the man shown in CCTV footage is 99 percent the bomber of the Shrine. The suicide bomber passed the security check at the Lal Shahbaz Qalandar. The Pakistan Sindh police release the video. The suicide bomber wants to attack the Sufi shrine on February 16. He killed many people and injuring hundreds. One of the deadly attacks reported by the militants. The General Sindh Police inspector A.D Khawaja told during the press conference that man in CCTV footage is 99 percent the suicide bomber.

He also described that the man was Afghan national and when he saw the police officer at the gate, he decided to choose another way. Attacker is suspected to be involved in Shikarpur and Jacobabad blasts. His involvement may be with a man Hafeez Brohi who owns a terrorist network in Sindh.

One man is arrested in connection to Sehwan incident who belongs to a Dadu district. The police have filed a case against suicide bomber and three facilitators who were involved in suicide bombing. The shrine is open for general public.