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Bill Gates says Robots that steal jobs from humans must pay tax

Amna Ansar Feb 20, 2017
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It seems that within few time Robots will take the place of Humans as robots will take over the jobs of Humans. This means that less people will be employed hence less humans will pay tax.

Therefore, the co-founder of Microsoft has suggested that if Robots will snatch the jobs from humans then they should pay tax for it.

Bill gates said that human workers, who do worth of $50,000 work in a factory, pay different taxes including income tax, social security tax.

Gate is actually optimistic and more emphasizes on the job done by humans rather than robots.

“What the world wants is to take this opportunity to make all the goods and services we have today and free up labor – let us do a better job of reaching out to the elderly, having smaller class side, helping kids with special needs,” says Gates.

Half of the jobs today are already at risk due to automation. According to a report, 60% of all occupations have 30% activities which are automated.

Same idea was also reported by European Union Lawmakers, but this law was rejected.

On the view of how government will treat taxes in future during the time of automation, Gates gave his idea.

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