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Samsung to partner with Sony to make sure Galaxy S8 batteries won’t explode

Amna Ansar Feb 19, 2017
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Samsung has learned a lot from massive Samsung Note 7 battery scandal. The brand new Galaxy won’t fight with upcoming Apple’s iPhone but instead Galaxy S8 has to regain the trust of customers after Samsung Note 7 fiasco.

Samsung is looking for different battery manufacturers to avoid the problems customers have to face from Samsung Note 7.

According to a report Samsung is partnering with third battery maker for the Galaxy S8 to make the incoming Note 8 safe for customers.

The reason behind the delay of Launch of Samsung Note 7 from late February to late March is to deal with all the consequences happened in Galaxy Note7 and to prevent any battery issues in future.

Samsung has tapped Sony to make the batteries for Galaxy Note 8. It was also rumored that LG is also tapped to make batteries for Galaxy Note 8.

According to report Sony batteries use different material and are more resistant to heat but also less energy efficient.

According to rumors Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus will also have same batteries as Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge.

Sony batteries will take over only small part of Galaxy S8 phones.

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