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Math Algorithm could educate the whole world

Amna Ansar Feb 19, 2017
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Po-Shen Loh is a mathematician and head coach of U.S International Math Olympiad team. A tool named as ‘Expii’ is developed by Loh which helps in getting knowledge about science and math and is capable to turn smartphone into a tutor.

He combined his mathematical knowledge with sites like Wikipedia and Quora and is helpful in delivering free knowledge to the students across the world. Loh told that it will help the students in gaining knowledge who could not afford the tutor.

Loh further said that this will help in getting rid from boredom and also eliminates confusion.

For getting graduate degree in the applications of physical, biological and engineering sciences, Loh got Prestigious Hertz Foundation Grant.

Due to the support of Fannie and John Hertz Foundation, he was able to get degree in PhD from Math department at Princeton University.

Vision of The Hertz Foundation is to provide support to the students of PhD in the hard sciences.

Since 1963 Hertz Foundation donated more than $200 million for support of 1100 brilliant and creative scientists.

These scientists have gone on to become high ranking military personnel, Nobel Laureates, astronauts, inventors and silicon valley leaders.

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