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HEC Launches new system named Pakistan Qualification Register

Amna Ansar Feb 19, 2017
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The Higher Education System launched an e-portal System ‘Pakistan Qualification Register.’ The purpose behind system is to help stakeholders of HEC in viewing the programmes of Pakistani universities awarding institutions that have been approved by HEC.

PQR is an online database system which contains information about the universities under private and public sector which are affiliated from HEC.

Aim of PQR is to help students by providing clearly defined levels of knowledge, skills and competencies.

In 2009 HEC started developing ‘Qualification Framework’ for higher education sector. Each qualification is assigned with a level like entry-level 1 or entry level 8. It shows the difficulty level of qualification.

PFQ will help learners in getting information about their desired qualification. Additionally, it will help to build national standards of qualifications.

Further it will help in recognition of qualification internationally and will help trans-national graduates and learners.

The universities under HEC are informed that PQR is going to link with system of HEC.

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