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Capgemini India Chief says 65% of IT work force can’t be re-skilled

Amna Ansar Feb 19, 2017
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India’s leading firm has said that more than half of IT employees cannot be re-skilled. The firm warned about the high losses at the middle and senior levels due to un-trainable employees.

Chief Executive of Capgemini India Srinivas Kandula said that IT force of India cannot be re-skilled. There are almost one lakh engineers in the country. Further he told that almost 3.9 million IT employees are being graduated from low-grade engineering colleges.

The remarks were given from the chief executive of company after Nasscom asked to train 1.5 Million IT employees to newer digital technologies.

Another reason behind the unskillful IT staff is that IT industry has not invested much for upgrading the skills of employees.

The quality of education provided to students at engineering colleges is very poor so that many of the questions were not answered correctly by the students when asked.

These remarks were given after recent study found that 80% of engineering graduates are unemployable in India.

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