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Pakistan will get support from the US after terror attacks

Faryal Nadeem Feb 18, 2017
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The US will stand with Pakistan and provides ultimate support against terrorism. US condemns the suicide bombing at the shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in the province of Sindh. The support will be provided to the Pakistanis to bring justice. The US state department on Thursday said that it would stand by Pakistan to fight against terrorism. Pakistan has blamed Afghani militants for the deadly bombing incident recently happened at the Shrine where nearly 300 people were injured, and 100 died.

Deash militant group took responsibility for the attack. However, Mark Toner said that Pakistani government would get maximum assistance on terrorism to get justice. The bombing was the latest attack across the country. Toner also concludes that People of Pakistan needs to fight against terrorism and must remain committed to secure themselves. The security issues must continue to remain balance in every province. This will help to keep working with Pakistan and fight against the threat of terrorism.


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