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Invisible glass Shield, best protector for your smartphone

Amna Ansar Feb 18, 2017
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Mobile phone screens are the most sensitive part of the device. The screens can easily scratch or shatter. To protect our phone we use so called protectors which adds lot of bulk to our phone.

However, this would no longer be a problem as a German manufacturer ProtectPax has introduced an amazingly new product which claims that it can make your phone as hard as Sapphire.

The protector is made up of nano-particles of titanium dioxide, which protects your phone from scratches, water and even protects display from breaking down.

Application of the product is simple too. The users first have to clean their display screen thoroughly and then spread evenly and slowly the product over screen.

The product only takes 10 minutes to dry and after that it becomes as hard as sapphire. The ProtectPax can be applied to various glass surfaces including TV screens, smart watches, laptops and on digital cameras.

The product lasts for one year and it costs $17 for a pack. A pack can be used for two display screens of smartphones.

Till now product has earned $71,000 which is more than the set target of the company.

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