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Opera is updated with new amazing features

Faryal Nadeem Feb 17, 2017
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If you are n more fan of Edge explorer, UC browser or Mozilla then the new version of Opera is undoubtedly great. You will actually love the new design and the original Opera browser. The new opera browser is named as Reborn and offers details.

It will be available in the upcoming days. The main features of Opera reborn are as follows.

Get ready for the refreshed feel and look. Now users will be able to enjoy the feel and look of the browser. It is great and one of the best-designed browser. We will show a complete clear comparison with the Neon version.

It is easy to install on Windows 10 as well as on Mac version. The speed dial has been a different and new look. Remember that speed dial floats when the user hovers their mouse cursor over the icons.

Now you can use different light and dark colored themes on Opera reborn. The themes are much similar to the Microsoft original version Explorer Edge. You can change and switch to three different background options and can change themes from Theme options.

For the sidebar, it is completely optimized and has been added to the main window. However, the functionality of the sidebar is same and gives quick access to a variety of options such as bookmarks, downloads, and history.

The Opera browser offers great and unique features, which is the Facebook Messenger on the sidebar link. Now you can click on the side to open the messenger directly. Now you can instantly reply to the sender or messenger without switching tabs. Just log in to your messenger and enjoy instant messaging.

Opera will inevitably introduce more features for the ease of the users. So try the Opera Reborn by downloading it here. This is the developer version and may contain bugs so download the version at your risk.