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Huawei competitors include Apple and Samsung

Faryal Nadeem Feb 16, 2017
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It is common to hear about the smartphone companies which are expanding worldwide. The industry is getting apparent more than ever. Apple is managing to take over Samsung regarding Sale, but Huawei wants to reach on top. It is getting competitive regarding features and specifications. Huawei surpassed the sales and getting competition with Samsung and Apple.

Gartner concluded the difference between companies and narrowed it down. Apple beat Samsung with 256000 units. The US-based industry owns 17.9 percent of share market with a sale of 77 million phones as compared to Samsung, which made 17.8 percent.

Last time Apple beat Samsung when the large screen iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus models were introduced. Samsung made sales of 20.5 percent with 306.4 million units. The industry keeps on growing with 5 % in the year 2016.

Huawei sales have been increased to 26.5% for the entire year as compared to Samsung and Apple. The Chinese mobile market has sold 40.8 million phones while Oppo sold 26.7 million phone. Vivo, one plus, and Oppo are the Chinese brands which will undoubtedly prove to be competitors for the largest companies.