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Chinese investors are anxious to set up industrial Park, power plants in Pakistan

Amna Ansar Feb 16, 2017
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Chinese investors are curious to setup industrial park and power generation plants in Pakistan as they consider Pakistan as potential market for business and investment.
The chairman of International Green Economy Association of China Deng Jihai has expressed the idea while addressing the business community in Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI).

Deng Jihai was heading a Commission comprised of 20 members. Delegation from China came up with many sectors to invest which includes power generation, biomass energy, industrial park development, agriculture, food processing, logistics, consultation services, textiles and garments, ship building, real estate, biotechnology, medical science and others.
According to Jihai already three delegations from china have came to Pakistan to check the Pakistan’s market and explore different things regarding business in Pakistan.
Delegation was interested in putting up money in different sectors in Pakistan like small and big power plants, ships construction, food processing units etc.

Further head of the meeting supposed that Pakistan should also send its delegation to China for investment.
In a welcome address of Deng Jihai, president of ICCI Khalid Iqbal Malik told that Pakistan’s private sector is also anxious to invest into joint ventures with Chinese counterparts under CPEC.
He appreciated the Delegation about investment in various sector like power generation, agriculture, infrastructure development, real estate, biotechnology, medical science and many other areas.
He assured about providing all possible favors to the Chinese investors.
This investment would aids in improvement of Pakistani economy.

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