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Brave Sisters beat a man after being harassed at Tariq Road in Karachi

Faryal Nadeem Feb 16, 2017
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Zara Khan who is 15-year-old and Zoya Khan 19 years old beat up a man on the Karachi Tariq road while returning from shopping. Sexual harassment is common in public places, and the sisters taught the harasser by making the video viral on the various social platforms. However, this is not the first time harassment happened with Zoya. It is the first time that both sisters decided to post a video on Facebook.

When Zoya was harassed and groped, then she started screaming with some shopping bags carrying in her hand. She was unable to do anything, but her Younger sister Threw everything and ran after the man.

Zoya followed younger sister and found that her younger sister is standing in a crowd of more than 30 people and beating the monster by punching in his stomach and smacking in his face.

Zoya asked Zara and wanted to stop her, but she replied that you are my sister and why should I stand around and watch while a man does something this to you. The father of the young girls was a bit concerned but then supported his daughters. Zoya has been receiving messages and calls from relatives to make sure that both sisters are OK.

It is a great message for all women in Pakistan It may happen to any independent woman. No one can realize that which types of stress, tensions, worries and burdens a woman carry on her mind as well as on shoulders. So bearing such kind of treatment in society will inevitably increase her worry and may strangle her to achieve the goals. It is best to fight yourself. And stop being groped in the streets. Watch the video yourself.

I salute these brave girls from Karachi. Who took a step against women Violence and harassment. Bravely fought against them. She's an inspiration and motivation to all those innocents who are victims or afraid of being a victim. We have officially asked permission and User allowed us to post it publicly. A story of Tuesday 14 February 2017. A guy who tried harassing these girls got beaten up badly by them. Must give it a share. #SayNoToWomenHarrasment#SayNoToViolence #MPAprovincialYouthAssembly#PromotingHumanity.

Posted by Yahya Amin Khan on Tuesday, February 14, 2017


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