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Apple’s employee Anas Raza Firdousi, belongs to Pakistan

Amna Ansar Feb 15, 2017
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After his graduation in 2010 he started working in Karachi. After one and a half year he built up Pakistan’s first Research house, as per his dream. Due to not having enough resources and funds, he built up only one research house and planned one to build up when he comes back to Pakistan.

Then he moved to Dubai, where he worked as Senior Software Engineer in a digital media and online advertising agency. Then he started working on different projects worldwide.

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After Dubai, he moved to US. When his age fellows merely get the job of Software Engineers, he was hired as Senior Software Architect in PayPal at very young age.

Now he is the resident of Silicon Valley and an employee of Apple Inc. In Apple Inc. he serves his duties as Senior Software Engineer. Furthermore, in ‘Ad engineering platform’ he leads the JavaScript and Front End Developers team.

Anas is been honored for speaking at different conferences of Google, PayPal and CISCO.

In May 2016 he was also first Pakistani to speak in ‘ng-conf’ which is US’s biggest Software conference.

Along with it, he was also the first Pakistani to speak at Europe’s largest Angular Conference, the Angular connect in London in August 2016.

In Pakistan, he has founded Angular Pakistan Community. This community is really helpful in bringing up conferences regarding Software and these conferences are attended by speakers from across the world.

Pakistan’s first ever training cum conference “ng-conf extended Pakistan” was also organized by Angular Pakistan.

Along with Apple, he is also currently working with online tutorial websites like on a JavaScript tutorial series.

Anas discussed the differences between Pakistan and Abroad. He said that people at Pakistan work to change themselves. They work for their lives, whereas people at abroad work for world.

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Anas claimed that there is a huge difference in Pakistani educational institutes and institutes in abroad. He said that the biggest problem in Pakistani educational system is in faculty and delivery of education. Pakistani institutes too have good teachers but their ratio is very low.

He told that a selection criterion for teachers in Pakistan is not on mark. In Pakistan a graduate is teaching the students under-graduation, he claimed.

Such teachers lead the students to their discouragement and such teachers don’t focus on practicality and so they fails to inspire the students.

He said, faculty member must have degree of Masters and 8-10 years experience in industry. Further he said that students should spend most of their time in research.

In future, Anas plans to some back to Pakistan. Most surprisingly he hasn’t applied for US citizenship and never has any plan to do so.

He said that he is living in US just for learning and to explore the things.

His dream is to work on Pakistani educational system.

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