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Good news for CSS participants

Faryal Nadeem Feb 14, 2017
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Recently the Lahore High Court have ordered on Tuesday that the CSS exams will be now introduced in the Urdu Language as well from 2018. The Advocate Sai fur Rehman said that the court rules the exams and the exams will be conducted in Urdu Language I the upcoming years. The decision has bee taken by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Court remarks that the due to the paucity of time, the rule was not implemented in 2017. However, the exams will be conducted from next year in Urdu.

It is noted that Supreme Court of Pakistan in 2015 also ordered Federal Government to take measures to implement the Urdu language as the official language in the Government offices. The order was issued by the three-member bench which is led by Chief Justice Jawad S Khawaja who seeks to make Urdu as the official language of Country according to the constitution.