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Fear among Universities campus rules on Valentines Day

Faryal Nadeem Feb 14, 2017
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In free thinking area people, especially teenagers fear to go to universities and attend classes at the educational institutes. A moral policy has been taught by the Karachi University Vice-chancellor. He requires girls and boys to sit at least three feet apart in a campus that earned him ridicule and scorn. Most of the students ruling openly while many made sarcasm by bringing the tailor yard stick to school in dramatic attempt to measure distance.

However, things are different. KU campus is very conservative. The conservatism is pronounced still on Valentines Day.

At many other public universities, wearing red on campus is simply unacceptable on February 14.

The statement issued by the University says that even if you and your male friend are seen accidentally wearing the same color or even if the color is not red,then you are definitely in hot water. However, in this regard, many of the friends plan to skip the university today.

Teachers will check bags for Valentine’s Day presents so girls would be punished to stand outside the school with the chocolate stuffed at their faces which they will receive as presents.

The similar sense of fear is experienced among the women on Campus of University of Peshawar. Many of the girls will stay at home while others ensure not to wear red or will skip university. Students told the reporter Mamoona Akhtar that a violent clash reputed on Valentine’s Day when students were wearing red clothes were attacked.

While At Punjab University the representative of IJT was distributing pamphlets for all event. The activists of hold rallies discourage the celebration of Valentine’s Day. Right wing group at the University stopped three students at the main gate and snatched the flowers and received the hurled of threats. The flowers were for guests who were attending the event, which was celebrated on Valentine’s Day.

The registrar of PU University Naeem Khan tells that there is no restriction to celebrate Valentine Day on campus. Every student is different from other and has different hues which reflect the hues of society. Student has different ideologies at the campus. However, the society, people, and campuses are growing polarized, so a considerable percentage of the student will be celebrating the day.

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