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Sindhi will be the official second language of Pakistan

Faryal Nadeem Feb 13, 2017
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Sindhi is known as the widely spoken language all over Pakistan. The MoveHub is a website that keeps tracks and looks forward to the people living in abroad.

The website has a map of the names of countries, which is replaced with second languages. The website has highlighted the effects of cultural imperialism and colonialism reflecting the post-independence policymaking.

Sindhi is the widely spoken regional language, which is also spoken outside the province of Sindh. The language Punjabi is also the first language that is widely spoken in Punjab province. Pakistan is the few countries where official language us not first or even second language. The language is Urdu.

The Indo-Aryan language is spoken in Pakistan and India along with 75 million native speakers all around the world. The official language of Sindh province is Sindhi and recognized by India as the scheduled language. The influence of colonialism seems tells in Africa where local languages are in second place behind the language of European colonizers.

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