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Pakistani 17- year old gamer is ranked as world’s highest earner

Faryal Nadeem Feb 13, 2017
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Pakistani child Sumail Hassan is ranked as the third highest earner in the world of games. He is known as the Dota2 champion who participated in the tournament, became the highest earning gamers, and amassed $2,401,560. The 17-year-old child is earning rapidly in e-sports.

He started playing Dota2 when he was just 7years old, and then child prodigy recently moved to the US in 2014. He wanted to pursue the passion of becoming the world famous e-sport player and to make history as the youngest gamer to surpass $1million and mark his name among the Evil Geniuses to win the 2015 Dota 2 Asian Championship.

The gamer is known as the 17-year-old and also marked his named in the time magazine. He is well known as the influential teenagers in 2016 and also won Nobel laureate along with Malala Yousufzai.

He is considered as the best solo gamer in Dota 2 gaming. Sumail popularity is grown these years and has fan following on Twitter of 30,000. He also hosts live streamed games. Despite his popularity, the child keeps his studies and family first and won the prize to get a new house for parents and five siblings in the US.