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Mind reading device invented by researchers to deal with paralyzed people

Amna Ansar Feb 13, 2017
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If any of your loved one is paralyzed, so here is the good news as now you can communicate with paralyzed people. Researchers have invented a device which makes communication with paralyzed people possible.

‘Locked in syndrome’ is a disease in which every part of the patients get paralyzed except eye movement, but in chronic stage some patients even lose the ability to blink. Hence there communication with the world cuts off.

Researchers in Europe have found solution to deal with Lou Gehrig’s disease in which people completely lose voluntary movement. Researchers have found using brain-computer interface to communicate with paralyzed people.

Researchers have applied there newly developed experiment on four paralyzed patients. At first they were asked “I love to live” and three of four answered yes. Then they were asked “Are you happy?” and they answered yes.

Experimenter’s asked the patients to answer yes or no to the questions. They were asked “You were born in Berlin” or “Paris is the capital of Germany”. The answers were consistent about 70 percent of the time.

Brain-computer interface is designed by neuroscientists Niels Birbaumer and is fits on a person’s head just like a swimming cap. The device through technique near-infrared spectroscopy measures the changes in the electrical waves which emanates from the brain and also blood flow.

Through this device, now family members of the patient’s are able to communicate with them after almost four years of silence.

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