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Karachi Literature Festival celebrates pluralism and abolished extremism

Faryal Nadeem Feb 13, 2017
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Karachi Literature Festival is one of the warmest and compassionate festivals ever conducted. It has attracted thousands of people from Karachi and foreigners. The festival has renowned international and local writers accompanied by artists and literary personalities. KLF and managing director Oxford University Press successfully closed the festival by presenting the aim that they wanted to create intellectual space where Pluralism of Pakistan come forward for intolerance which needs to be pushed back.

Discussing objective of the festival was to bring the idea into life. The event Foundation was to build bridges of peace. The celebration of hope and the eminent writer Ghazi Salah Uddin has described that the hope is persistent growing with time. The man behind book launch in India is to come up with the idea of Karachi-Mumbai literature festival.

Author of book “A case of Exploding Mangoes,” took the stage and few lines were read for inspiration after reading Kashmiri novel. Mirza Waheed said that Kashmir poetry depicts the issue of gardens and graves. The writer pen illuminates oppressive dark sky of existence.

However, the classical dancers Shayma Saiyid and Suhee Abro followed by the soul stirring tunes of Faraz Anwar. The guitar riffs presented beautiful performance. The vibrant discussions, art, music and diversity have made a memorable end.

The Literature Festival confirms the record participation of almost 2 lakh people during the last three days. Last night it attracted rise in attendance, and many celebrities were featured in the event including Mustafa Qureshi, Bushra Ansari, Shabnam, Nadeem and the literary like Mustansar Hussain Tarrar, Muneeza Shamsie, Mushtaq Ahmed Yousaf.

The latest event attracted 200 speakers and performers from 75 sessions. It is bringing the diverse languages and genres and directed a great appeal for 3 –day celebration. Mumbai-based writer Priyanka Jha presented the opinion that the event created space for people.