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Google, Yahoo and Bing to ban Torrent Links in Search Results

Amna Ansar Feb 13, 2017
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Due to large number of complaints received from entertainment agencies against Torrent as it fails to prevent online piracy, Google and yahoo along with other search engines are planning to ban torrent links in search results.

As Torrent was promoting piracy instead of preventing it, Google started discussions regarding the ban of Torrent with other search engines and entertainment studios which are chaired by UK’s Intellectual Property Office.

Yahoo, Bing and Google have reached on an agreement of banning the torrent links in search results.

A code of practice will be imposed on search engines by government.

The idea was already discussed in the parliament and further a round-table meeting was also conducted among Intellectual Property Office Officials, Search engines and representatives of creative industries.

The agreement is expected to be imposed from June 1, 2017, reported by Torrent Freak. But till now nothing has been finalized.

And it is not yet clear that whether the agreement will work uniformly in whole world or it will be only restricted to the UK.

Currently Google will bring only the list of popular torrent sites like Kickass torrent and The Pirate Bay.

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