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Malnutrition in Sindh is higher than any other province

Amna Ansar Feb 12, 2017
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Malnutrition in Sindh is increasing by passing days. We should have to take food safety measures and we have to adopt healthy life style in order to reduce the growing percentage of malnutrition.

In Sindh over 57% of children under age five are hindered in Sindh alone. According to the research 35% of children under the age five are severely stunted.

According to the report Global Acute Malnutrition in Tharparkar was 22.7 percent, in Sangar 16 percent while in Kamber-Shadadkot is 13.8 percent.

This is something really alarming and to worry for. Thirty five percent of children die per year in Pakistan due to malnutrition.

Sindh Nutrition Programme Officer Dr Sakina during ‘Nutrition and Human rights’ consultation session briefed that “Sindh has 49.8 % high rate of malnutrition among children than other provinces”

Further she disclosed that unlike many other countries of Asia there is no clear difference in nutritional status among boys and girls across Sindh.

Additionally Sindh food security cluster coordinator Ashraf Ali told that in Sindh there are only 52.5% women which are having normal body mass while 24% are obsessed while 23.7% are underweight.

Main reason behind the increased malnutrition level in Sindh is not having the fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. Another reason is not having clean water for drinking.

Across Sindh the acute malnutrition has reached 23% but no steps are taken to prevent malnutrition.

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