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Frenchman sues Uber for revealing his affair

Amna Ansar Feb 12, 2017
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Ride-hailing company Uber has been sued by the Frenchman after his wife came to know about the rides he took to see her lover from Uber.

He told that once he used Uber from his wife’s phone. Despite of logging out, Uber continued to send notifications regarding his location on his wife’s phone, which made him suspicious infront of his wife.

After that the couple has been divorced and case filed is upto $45 m.

The lawyer David Andre Darmon reported that my client have suffered from the bug in the application and bug caused problems in my client’s personal life and lead him to divorce.

Further lawyer added that my client don’t want to reveal his identity and wants to remain anonymous.

Le Figaro newspaper has reported that many other users have also faced bug.

The owner of newspaper did the experiment by himself. The concerned authorities of newspaper first login from one iPhone and then logged out after ordering the ride, then they logged in and out from another device. The application continued to send notifications on both phones.

The problem can be faced by the iPhone users but not by android users.

Uber said that they will not comment on lawsuit but the purpose of the company was to protect client’s personal details.

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