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Feeling chained to technology? Now you can recharge your brain

Amna Ansar Feb 12, 2017
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In technology-oriented world many people are tied to technology, but do all of technology-based devices are harmful for humans?

A researcher Maria Shriver talked to a neuroscientist named as Adam Gazzaley about his research that she was spending her most of the time on using technological devices.

Gazzaley said that “Humans hunt the technology as other animals hunt for food for their survival; likewise humans crave more for technology.”

Then Gazzaley told about his personal work, and said that all kind of technology is harming our brains badly. Many studies have shown that poor performance of students at school and colleges, short memory and sleep problems, anxiety and not having good relations with family are all affects of technology.

Gazzely said this issue is to be taken seriously and lies in the category of public health crisis. Gazzely’s book The Distracted Mind contains good steps to deal with these mental issues and to remain happy and healthier.

First step for recharging your mind is awareness.

Gazzaley said that I’m feeling like now I am unable to perform multiple tasks at a time for example in past if I was used to talk with my loved one and also use phone at the same time, this quality is finished. Additionally, in past if I was on conference call with someone and I used to send email at the same time, this quality is also diminished.

Shriver said that usually women are good at performing multiple tasks at a time.

The second step is to set limits with technology.

You have to set timetable for limiting the technology for example, you will set that from 9-11 you can use technological devices, you can email to your friends, you can watch TV and can use facebook but after 11 to noon you just have to switch all of these activities and just have to focus on your article that you are writing, because without giving attention to the article you will not be able to achieve the high quality.

The third step is to rest, to take small breaks during work. You can either have walk of 5 minute you can eat something or either drink juices or water.

Gazzaley said that these small breaks really help in restoring the energy and are also helpful in getting rid of anxiety and boredom.

In laboratory of Gazzaley at University of California San Francisco, Gazzaley is developing a body brain trainer, which is a video game helpful in boosting players physically and mentally.

These are the steps helpful in strengthening the brains and allows the people to deal with distractions.

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