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Pakistani teenager Sumail Hassan became world’s third highest earning gamer

Amna Ansar Feb 11, 2017
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There is another proud moment for Pakistan as a 17 year old Pakistani teenager; Sumail Hassan has become the third highest earning gamer in the world. Sumail Hassan is the resident of Karachi. He is also expert in playing Dota 2 (defence of the ancients).

Now he is attributed as one of world’s best player. He started playing Dota 2 when he was just of 7 years. In past, he was also one of the members of Dota 2 team Evil Genuises (EG).

In 2016, he helped Evil Genuises and won the Dota 2 Asian championship. In the same year he became the youngest gamer who have passed the $1 Million in tournament.

Being Pakistani he played on the behalf of Pakistan and gave very tough time to the players across the world.

According to sportskeeda, in world Sumail is the third highest earning gamer.

Additionally he also won the record of Guinness Book.

He is also known as the best solo Dota 2 player in the world. He is becoming famous day by day not only in Pakistan but across the world as he has 30,000 fan following on twitter.

Though his fan following is increasing but still he puts his family first. Recently he owned a house in US for his parents and siblings from money which he gained from his prize.

This is not the first time; Hamza Shahzad, Haris khan and many more Pakistani’s also made Pakistan proud. Pakistani’s admire Sumail Hassan. We are proud of you.

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