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Najam Sethi is responsible for corruption allegations in PSL

Faryal Nadeem Feb 11, 2017
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PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that Najam Sethi is allegedly involved in the election and he is taking measures to eliminate spot fixing from Pakistan Cricket.

Imran Khan pointed out the two players of Islamabad United team and wants them to be suspended over corruption charges. The names of players have clearly be mentioned all over the internet and in the news. Spot fixing affects cricket very badly, and it is a greater offense to threat democracy. Imran Khan Tweeted.

“Election fixer Najam Sethi is trying and taking measures to eliminate cricket spot-fixing. It affects cricket badly, and it is a greater crime which threats democracy.”

The PTI chief also accused Sethi of fixing 35 punctures referred as alleged democratic rigging in 35 constituencies of Punjab in 2013 general elections and later titled it as a political statement.