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Matric Qualified woman is the Minister of Higher Education

Faryal Nadeem Feb 11, 2017
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Do you know the minister for higher education in Punjab if no then let us reveal the name of the graceful and wonderful lady is Mrs. Zakia Shah? The Minister of Higher Education qualification is matriculation. The government website clearly shows that the lady never received higher education. So how come she is titled as the Minister of Higher Education. It is one of the ironic step taken by the Government of Punjab in history. She is providing her services from the last year 2016.

Please take a look at the image.

She is not only contributing her services to the post of higher education but also for the Population welfare and environment protection.

However, we cannot conclude that Government is hiding the truth. Otherwise they might not reveal it on the website. The news has gone viral on social sites. The people are raising questions that why the profile of Mrs. Zakia has been brought to ease.

You can easily browse the website of the Punjab Government and get a clear record of her.
The Government officials have not highlighted the issue. Zakia Shah has not made any public appearance since this news. However, she belongs to Isa Khel, is affiliated with PMLN, and is contributing as the MPA of Punjab Assembly. According to the Bio, she got her education from ST. Denys School Murree and the Queen Mary College in Lahore. Her two brothers and father were MPA.