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Kidnappers have launched website for the collection of ransom in Karachi

Amna Ansar Feb 11, 2017
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In Karachi, kidnappers started using website “” for the collection of ransom.

‘Perfect money’ is the website through which the people can pay the ransom for which kidnappers have asked for. This website can be accessed easily in Pakistan.

The system of the website demands little fee and transfer the money easily to the people whom you have asked for.

Abductors in the metrophils are taking action for controlling these criminal activities.

In past, the kidnappers have used SIMs with fake details for illegal activities but they were then foiled by the officers by the help of locator tracing system.

After getting knowledge about the website of online ransom collection, security personnel are investigating the matter and are trying to reach the group of kidnappers.

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