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Now WhatsApp is more secure with two-factor authentication

Faryal Nadeem Feb 10, 2017
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The new update of WhatsApp has switched to the latest authentication method. The method is useful for at least 1.2 billion users. The most recent application feature is great and has a beta tag on it. The feature is available on all Android, Windows and iOS users.

If you are unaware of the two-factor authentication method, then let us guide you. WhatsApp has added an extra security, which requires username as well as Password. These are the information that must be provided by the user only. This piece of information acts as a physical token.

Two-factor authentication adds additional security. The user password provides the first authentication, and the alphanumeric code is sent as a text message, which serves as the second factor. While using WhatsApp application, you have you verify the application as used by handset that owns the app linked with specific installed sim card. You can add another security layer with a six-digit code.

If you want to use the multi-factor authentication in WhatsApp, then make it more secure by following the steps.

Open WhatsApp > then go to Settings> click on Account> Tap on Two-step verification > then Enable

After seven days, the user will be sent a notification to enter a passcode, which will log in the application. However, the update is available worldwide. The user has to enable the option of 2-factor authentication.


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