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The new app feature understands it all

Faryal Nadeem Feb 10, 2017
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Have you looked at an object and unable to recall its name? Then for the best answer, you need to download the app. Instead of using Google and browsing things, repeatedly, you can use this fantastic feature updated by Pinterest. You can even find names of the real objects or physical objects, which you can touch and feel.

If you want the app then download Pinterest. It is a content sharing application that offers social networking features better. It added a visual search tool called as Lens . It is a machines vision, which inspects the objects automatically, detects, and analyzes the name that relies on company visual search technology introduced in 2015.

In the latest version, Lens feature is present inside the Pinterest mobile application. You just need to open it and point the camera towards the name of object. Therefore, it was old times when your eyes do the searching. Now let your mobile handle the tasks.

However, artificial intelligence and the recognition of objects are getting better day by day. The simple tool may not be perfect but will surely depict the future of computing. So get the app now.

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