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Man arrested for fraud about PIA plane

Faryal Nadeem Feb 09, 2017
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A man is arrested when Pakistan International Airlines flight flew from Lahore to the London Heathrow Airport diverted to Stansted Airport in England. The 52-year-old man Khalid Baqa has been charged with false representation under the Fraud Act. However, no details have been presented or available. However, he will appear in the Highbury Corner Magistrated Court in London on 23rd Feb.

The PIA flight PK-757 has been landed at Stansted, which is escorted by RAF Typhoon fighter jets and scrambled from nearby Coningsby Royal Air Force Base.

Baqa was detained at the Heathrow airport, but because of diversion, he was caught up at Stansted. Initial reports say that plane diverted because of the disruptive passenger. The authorities talked through a radio station in the UK and got to know that PIA plane does not have any apparent problem. Passenger Naz Amin told LBC in London that there was no one being disruptive on plane. The passengers took pictures that everyone and everything was calm at the plane. While two police officers escort Baqa out of the plane. However, the case is unclear that why the plane was diverted.

PIA said that UK authorities received a security threat through anonymous phone call, which suggests that the flight may face a serious problem. Even though there is no sign or evidence that the received call is associated with Mr. Baqa. PIA spokesperson Danyal Gilani also confirmed to Dawn that PIA shares flight manifests with the officials of law enforcement.

Yahya Polani the Travel Agents Association of Pakistan Chairman explains law enforcement received manifest, which gives boards cards from airlines, concerned after the flight took off.

The plane was in the reserved area for emergencies and taken away from main terminal buildings.

The report about Khalid Baqa was received. He is a father of six children and was jailed for more than two years because of guilt to possess collections of terrorist publications. He also had material related to violent jihad and is known as extreme ideology.