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Hina Shahnawaz shot to death in name of Honor

Amna Ansar Feb 09, 2017
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Hina Shahnawaz a motivated, daring and willing girl of 27 years old shot dead in Kohat in the name of honor. Hina Shahnawaz was M.Phil degree holder and shot dead on 6th of February. Hina was only earner of the family and was brutally shot dead for becoming the voice of her home.

She was brutally shot 4 times in her heart and the killer was not any stranger but her own cousin ‘Mehboob Alam’. Hina refused to marry her cousin and asked for her family’s share in the property.

Hina’s father was a businessman and few years back he was diagnosed with cancer. Her father fought the battle against cancer but couldn’t win and died. After her father’s death, being the only educated member of family she took the responsibility.

The battle not only stopped here, after the death of her father her brother was murdered in a personal dispute. As her brother was married so he left behind a widow and two children. They also became her responsibility.

Moreover, her sister and nephew also became her responsibility after the death of her sister’s husband. She was having a job in NGO with the pay of 80,000 which was not enough too.

She was surrounded by a lot of responsibilities, so she decided to sell some of her property and then asked for her share in the property. Furthermore custody of her nephew was also an issue for her. She was not only dealing with one problem but with the bundle of problems.

Due to the conservative thinking of people at her hometown, she left her hometown but her fate leads her to death.

After shooting Hina, Mehboob Alam ran away and police still didn’t reach him. So now it’s the responsibility of us as a nation to stand together to get justice for Hina Shahnawaz’s death.

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