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Heroin found in PIA aircraft at Karachi

Faryal Nadeem Feb 09, 2017
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More than 700 grams of heroin of about Rs 7 million was found in the compartment of PIA. The compartments are hidden in the aircraft. The plane was at Jinnah International Airport on Thursday told by the customs department. The official said that the aircraft comes from Kuala Lumpur and then bound for Peshawar. The personnel of Pakistan Customs Preventive deploys at the departure area of Karachi airport. It was the first time when heroin was found on the plane.

On Wednesday, January 4 Airport Security Force, a passenger attempt for smuggling heroin to Saudia Arabia, when the airplane was bound at Islamabad airport. ASF told that heroine was 1.25 kilograms and seized from Amjad Khan who is a resident of Sargodha.

Security authorities told that heroine was hidden in the ispaghol bottles which were traveling to Medina.

While on December 21, 17 kilograms of heroin was recovered from the concealed compartments in a plane.

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