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Workers of PTCL, Radio Pakistan and much more are not getting minimum wage

Faryal Nadeem Feb 08, 2017
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No one can expect that the Islamabad Government employees were getting less or minimum wage for their associated jobs. The Labor Department considered the issue and took immediate action against PTCL, Radio Pakistan and many other utility stores for paying fewer salaries to the workers. Workers are getting lower wage than the Government mandated level. The monthly minimum wage becomes higher than 14,000.

More than 400 employees are recently working in Radio Pakistan while 32 employees are working in different Utility stores corporation who are paying lower than the standard rate.

The rates are as follows by the Labour Welfare Department Islamabad.

  • Skilled Worker must get Rs. 800 per day
  • Semi-skilled workers wage is Rs. 550 per day
  • Unskilled workers wage is Rs. 475 per day
  • Rates for part-time 6000 per month
  • Monthly lump sum rates Rs. 14000 per month

All of the employers and companies are bound to pay the wage as stated above. The prices are fixed by the ICT Labor Welfare Department. However, it is not the first time the department has taken action against the labor wages.

There are 1200 employees in the Capital Development Authority and 7100 employees are in the Pakistan Agricultural Research Center who were ensured to get the wage according to their skill.

It is a time of rising inflation and ever shrinking household budgets, which ensure minimum wages to be paid for the fair workers. Employees will get fair compensation for their services.

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