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Shahbaz Shareef says Ban on Basant continues

Faryal Nadeem Feb 08, 2017
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The Chief Minister dampens the hopes of Lahoris. The safe kite playing is not possible, so the festive will not be a part this year too. Kite flyers just play with the lives of people in handout issues. The spring festival started on Tuesday while the Chief Minister warns district police officer that ban continues on the kite flying. If any person violates the rule then, he/she will be held responsible.

Shahbaz Shareef says that complete Ban is imposed because no one will be allowed to play lives of people. If anyone does the violation of ban then concerned DPO will be held responsible for the situation.

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Media reports that the fans of the festival are very disheartening with the news. It was a time when Basant festival depicts the cultural scene. The government must allow safe Basant and does not permit the glass coated string which has so many chemicals.

Basant is a traditional festival which is attended by thousands of people especially the local revelers and the individuals who travel the city from abroad. The ban in 2005 still continues because of the multiple deaths by the string of chemical. The chemical string causes deep cuts if come in contact directly ith hands and fingers. People use special thick paper to coat their fingers to avoid the contact of chemical MANJA which limits the consequences of serious injuries.

Even thou, the event was a great source of entertainment and fun, it also killed many children by making kite sellers and makers unemployed.

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