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Remarkable Sony Phone Camera Sensor: You will surely love

Faryal Nadeem Feb 08, 2017
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Sony has carved its place and name in the mobile industy. The mobile camera business along with its sensors is latest and will surely bring hype and glory in the pictures. The new sensor in the industry offers 3 layers of CMOS image sensor with a RAM to improve the performance.

The RAM is exceptional and helps to capture data quickly. It can capture at least 9.3-megapixel images in 1/120th of a second which means that Sony is 4 times fast than its competitors.

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The great camera offers reduced focal distortion, which is combated with the high-speed lens. The sensor is not exceptionally designed by the engineers and works like any other phone for image processing.

Flagship feature offers incredible slow motion capabilities and is the best camera with 120 fps videos and 1080p quality resolution. Sony will surely push it further to 1000fps.

The amazing sensor detects the changes and is triggered with high-speed mode. It also own capabilities to deal with noise. Sensor puts the image sensor and Ram with one another between the circuit layers and CMOS. However, it is still not confirmed that when the chip will be available.

Sony has assured that the new sensor will arrive in future flagships and will stand for competition in near future. So it means it is worth waiting.