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A Pakistani mental-genius has set a new world record

Amna Ansar Feb 08, 2017
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A Pakistani has set a new Guniess world record due to his unmatchable memory skills.

Pakistan is the country gifted by God with natural and human resources. And when we talk about the world records, Pakistan doesn’t lag behind anyone. Pakistani’s are people enriched with lots of knowledge and talent.

Abdul Basit is the Pakistani world record holder who set the record by quickly identifying the elements in the periodic table.

He was born in Jeddah city of Saudi Arabia. After studying till 3rd grade in Pakistani Embassy School Jeddah he moved to Pakistan along with his family.

He completed his bachelor’s Degree from Bahauddin Zakria University, Multan and Masters Degree from IBA.

After completing his degree he started an academy in Karachi in partnership with his friend. Later, he looses his interest in academy because he doesn’t like managing the academy.

In 2004, he left to Dubai after he has sold his shares in academy at Karachi. Further he told that he had 4 different jobs in past but he left each of them because he was not enjoying working there.

Abdul Basit said that I have these qualities not from now, it’s the ability I have since childhood and since then I’m good in calculations and doing all the mental activities.

Abdul Basit is married and having three kids. He moved to Dubai from Pakistan in 2004 and working as a mental trainer in Dubai.

In 2016, Abdul Basit tried to mark the world record by identifying all the elements in the periodic table just to set himself an example for his students.

Abdul Basit identified all the elements in the periodic table correctly in just 3 minutes and 9.29 seconds on December 19, 2016.

He took practice of four months, but still the record wasn’t as easy to achieve as he did. He said that he doesn’t have any interest in chemistry he just did this to explore himself and to make the record.

For future Abdul Basit plans to break a new record after every 6 months. He also said that he will welcome everyone who so ever wants to break Guinness world record and wants his guidance. And he also has planned to visit different school and college to train and inspire the students.

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