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Pakistan and India to face each other in Moscow

Amna Ansar Feb 08, 2017
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Russia and China in collaboration with each other are going to organize the six-nations meeting on Afghanistan. In meeting, two neighbors India and Pakistan are also invited to discuss the circumstances regarding Afghanistan.

According to the Russian Media the meeting is going to be held between China, Russian, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and India. The meeting will be held at Moscow in the mid of February.

However in meeting, US has not been invited which shows that China and Russia are truly keen to find the solution to Afghanistan’s problem.

According to Russian media a senior diplomat said that another reason for not inviting the president of US on six-nations meeting is for the order of Donald Trump to ban seven Muslim Majority countries to visit US.

This is the first time when India is also been invited to talk about the issues of Afghanistan. India and Pakistan will face each other in Moscow. Pakistan always opposed the role of India in Afghanistan’s matter because according to Pakistan India use the land of Afghanistan against the terror in Pakistan.

It is not clear from the situation that what would be the reaction of the India and Pakistan on the matter of Afghan Taliban. However, Russia, Iran, China and Pakistan are all in the favor to talk directly to Afghan Taliban.

Russia, who always opposed the Afghanistan terror who have decided to talk directly with Afghan Taliban.

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