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Pakistan to get new 4.5G LTE in cooperation with Wi-tribe and Huawei

Amna Ansar Feb 08, 2017
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Wi-tribe and Huawei of China have decided to elect each other as their partner and made contract of $15 Million for the upgradation of LTE. The companies have signed the deployment of 4.5G in five different cities of Pakistan. This upgradation will help in providing speed of 100Mbps in every house and about 200Mbps speed by year 2018 and in 2019 it will be increased to 400Mbps.

“After going through the number of initiatives for taking the company to move forward, now we have made partnership with Huawei of China. This will help in achieving high speed of internet and so the future of the wi-tribe will be secure”. Said by chairman of HBL group, Hassan Bokhari and owner of wi-tribe.

They further said that the initiative is not only in the best of company but also for Pakistan.

The upgradation in LTE will help greatly in achieving fastest LTE speed. The equipment for the purpose will be imported from Hong Kong.

The upgraded version of LTE is supposed to be operational by June 2017. Additionally, the officials have stated that this step will be helpful in getting high speed, good technology and reliability as well.

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