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A Chinese family reunites for rare Family Photo

Amna Ansar Feb 08, 2017
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In Hangzhou, more than 500 people of one family have posed to make a family photo.

These pictures were taken in province of Zhejiang at a Ren family reunion in Shishe village. The photo was taken during lunar New Year period, during which Chinese family gather at a place to celebrate.

Pictures were taken by  the photographer Zhang Liangzong.

The family named as Ren can be traced by 851 years. But according to BBC their family tree have not been updated since many years. But the ancestors of the family begin to update the family tree  and gathered the whole family comprising of 500 members from different cities of China including Bejing, Shanghai, Xinjiang and Taiwan.

According to photographer family has taken almost 30 minutes to position themselves for the photo.

The village chief Ren Tuanjie said that purpose for this arrangement was to tell descendants not to forget from where they came and what their roots are.

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